Episode 31 File Those Frets!!!

August 26, 2017

Hi all and thanks for listening. This week's episode has been made because of the question I asked on the FB group. Fretting is a skill that I am constantly working on - constantly. I don't have the best tools but I have invested a small amount of money on a couple of tools that have worked wonders. I am not an expert by any means and I hope I don't come across as one on this podcast. The reason I made this podcast in the first place was to share what I know and my experiences. Recently I have seen a number of CBGs in stores around Sydney and although I really liked the style and vibe of them I was disapointed at the quality of the fretwork.

If we are selling our wares to a buying public we have to represent ourselves and the industry by producing a quality product that is comfortable and safe to play. Thoughts? :)

Best regards

Adam Harrison


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