Party on the Patio 4

May 14, 2017

Ok, this is me basically having a great time with a group of incredible people. Listening to great rock n blues and jamming on CBGs.

I begin by having a little 'rant' about people who are giving Facebook users who advertise or post their business or builds a hard time. I understand their point of view but respectfully disagree as I truely believe that if used sensibly, social media can be an awesome way to spread the word of cbgs around the world. Let's face it, it's the future of advertising, like it or not. 

The middle section is a selection of 3 songs from the night. The first is one of my favourite songs ever and the last two are a jam with Matt Charnley and Rob Chapple who are both playing CBGs 

Finally I bring it back with a word about new players.

Big thanks

Adam Harrison


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