Episode 28 My Interview with Mark Caples

August 6, 2017

Mark contacted me this week to let me know that we now have two podcasts that are about cigar box guitars!! What wonderful news for all of us, as now I get to listen to someone else talking about these amazing instruments. Marks show is called, COME AND MAKE IT DIGITAL RODEO and he has about 11 episodes at this point. It's really easy to find on iTunes. Mark wanted to interview me for his show which blew me away. I'm very humbled. What a great guy! We decided to put it up as a joint podcast, so here it is. Enjoy:)

This last month has seen the passing of a number of great instrument builders including a highly respected members of the CBG comunity. My condolences to all their family, friends and colegues.

Happy Building

Adam Harrison


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